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STPI has developed its core technology strength over the years, particularly in the communications and IT management domains. This has been put to great use by providing consultancy and project management services to a wide variety of organisations. Services include consultancy in designing cost effective LAN/WAN solutions, and onsite technical support to SME companies for installation, configuration, trouble shooting and maintenance of network infrastructure. In the past, STPI has consulted with the Visakhapatnam Port Trust for network modifications.

  • Network Management Solutions
  • Networking of IT Parks
  • E-Governance & SWAN Projects

Network Management Solutions

Different network infrastructure solutions provided are:

  • Small IT Solution: An entry-level solution for small businesses that are looking for high-value, core information-technology (IT) functionality that is affordable, secure, dependable and easy-to-use. This solution is targeted at organizations with up to 50 users.
  • Medium IT Solution: Designed for growing businesses that are progressively increasing the use of IT to empower employees and connect with customers. The Medium IT Solution provides greater flexibility in terms of IT design and number of supported users.
  • Large IT Solution: Designed for large businesses that require high scalability, high availability and round-the-clock operations.

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Networking of IT Parks

STPI intends to build a converged network infrastructure that is reliable, secure, scalable and cost-effective, and will involve integrating multi-vendor solutions, products and technologies.

The services offered in this category are:

  • Structured cabling solutions
  • Converged Local Area Networking solutions
  • Converged Wide Area Networking solutions

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E-Governance & SWAN Projects

STPI has been involved in a number of e-Governance projects, both in India as well as overseas. STPI has been a technology partner to various state governments in India for their e-Governance projects, and is one of the few organisations which contributed to the great Indian e-Governance revolution. STPI's technical strength, process knowledge and quality focus have ensured a high level of customer satisfaction across its clientele.

Some of the e-Governance projects implemented by STPI:

  • Ebene Cyber City at Mauritius
  • Khajane.Net Project, Government of Karnataka
  • Karnataka State Wide Area Network (KSWAN)
  • Madhya Pradesh State Wide Area Network (MPSWAN)
  • Chhattisgarh State Wide Area Network (CGSWAN)
  • National Internet Exchange of India
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